Tuesday, November 26, 2013

an oak slab trestle table

we just finished this fine white oak slab top trestle table ... the slab itself was cut from very near the center of the tree and it is about 46" wide on one end and 40" wide on the other.  flat as a pancake .. 
click the photos to enlarge them ...
beautiful quartered figure toward the outsides of the slab and interesting edges where insect worked under the bark .. this mist have been one fine tree.
a view from the bottom, before we cut the top to length.  trevor did a great job on this one.
three oak butterflies to control the crack in the end

there was some discussion of light vs dark butterflies and we were able to mock it up 
in photoshop to help the clients decide .. light above ..
dark ones ..
laying out the parts ..
trevor, pegging the top rail joinery

it's headed for sugarbush, in warren, vt, on monday

you all have a great thanksgiving weekend ... after turkey day, we'll be finishing up the move to the new metal shop ..

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