Monday, December 16, 2013

another post and beam pool table

this is what a set of pool table supplies looks like when it arrives here at our shop ... well, it's actually not always quite this beat up, but we have had a couple sets of slate arrive in more than one piece ... better luck this time.  no lost pieces; no broken slate.  click the photos to enlarge them, though you'll have to bear with me as i learn adobe lightroom.  my ancient photoshop 7 program stopped working with the last windows upgrade .. i am NOT happy about that.  'image/adjust/autolevels' .. i am really missing that one.
roughed out rails and cushion wood and cushions above
 miracle of miracles .. it is to be exactly like the one above that we made and 
installed about this time last year.
we're even using the same drawing, materials, and cutlist.
 here we go .. the new guy chris, finished the slate support frame last thursday ..
 and here he is beginning the assembly of the base
 all together last friday ..
 and today we added the slate frame and the slates below
 as of the end of the day today, we had the rubber cushions glued on to the poplar, and 
tomorrow we'll get them bolted to the slate and add the curly maple rails ...
i love a pool table project ..
and just sos you know we're not loafing, we've got some other stuff going on in the shop too .. 
a 12' cherry chest of drawers above, with bookcases and ebony and quartered cherry details
and this 9' curly maple trestle dining table with an inlay.  trevor's got that one in the finish room now.
more on those projects later ..
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Steven Cain said...

Nice stuff. Wish I could get work like this in my shop.