Saturday, December 21, 2013

the friday before christmas

well here we are, approaching our 34th christmas at dorset custom furniture.  we got the spirit friday, when jim put up the traditioinal 'tree' lights on the end of the shop.  it may be the last year for this string as about half the lights are out, and the local stores no longer carry the bulbs ... maybe we'll get lucky and find some in 'the big city' (rutland or bennington)  if we get there over the holidays.  click the photos to enlarge them ..
as usual, there is a lot going on in the shop this time of year .. the pool table is part 
of the hill farm project and it looks like that will be finished by the 1st.  
it's now ready for blinds and finish and felt on the cushions
we're working on several projects for a local inn restoration
down the road a piece in sunderland
one of the projects involves some steel cut outs, based on their logo, on the gable end, and trevor cut some samples for size.  i took them to their friday christmas party and nina mooney, the designer we're working with, bravely got out on the porch roof after lunch and held them up .. 
we decided the deer has to be bigger.

back at the shop, trevor was putting the finishing touches on the inlay in the 
trestle table for the same project

the base is finished
but we were all concerned the the deer antlers would get lost in the sky
fortuantely, we had an antler that sam or someone found and we sliced a couple pieces 
up and trevor cut them out and fit them in ... viola!  antlers!!

and we installed the drawers in the 12' bedroom piece we've been working on
the faces will have an ebony and quartered cherry detail to go with the ebony and burl edge inlay ..
and we're waiting for the custom cast pulls to arrive from ball and ball.  they've done them for us before and they should be here soon.
and will's wrapping up another banjo to be shipped out before the 1st.  it was a tricky one where he had to figure out how to steam bend and laminated curly maple for the rim, engrave a bunch of pearl inlays, and engrave words and initials into the ebony on the finished rim .. not an easy task ..
and sam has finished his first 'larger than a belt buckle project' in the new metal shop

the client sent us a photo of a similar wood base with funky metal connectors and we figured out how to weld it up in 3" steel tubing.  cool object.  it will have our bronze patina on it before shipping.
and the carpenters wrapped it up on friday .. they finished the siding , installed the collar ties on the second floor and insulated the ceiling so we can at least heat it occasionally for painting
we'll finish it off as our cash flow allows
ta dah
and tah dah  in here too
and the final part of the dorset church rails is ready for christmas services .. just in time ..
merry christmas to all !!


Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for a long time now. The pictures today struck a cord with me. I wonder about the siding of the buildings. What type of wood is it, and does it have a finish on it or left to weather.

Thank you for sharing this year

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

thanks boyce ... the siding on all the buildings is rough sawn, eastern white pine, left to weather. i built my first shop in 1976 and except for a patch about 3' x 10' that was on the eve side with flowers every summer, it is still fine as far as i know. the center building here, the main shop, was built in 1997 and is 100% right now. no mus; no fuss. happy new year! dan