Sunday, April 27, 2014

a live edge claro walnut table

well, here we have a classic 'before and after' ... above is the 'before', 
obviously, and below, we have the 'afters'.
it's a nice slab with wonderful color and figure.  
click the photos to enlarge them
and a hefty 2.75" thickness now that it is smoothed and ready to ship
here, trevor is checking out and studying the cracks, which the client has requested that we fill.
and sometimes you just have to work 'on the table' ...
here he's belt sanding the filled areas prior to hand scraping 
and sanding the entire top of the slab,
the defects were smallish, but still required some small pieces of added wood to make the fill convincing.
 nicely done trevor
the base pieces, fresh from the waterjet ...
here jim finishes the drilling the steel base parts prior to assembling and installing them into the routed recesses in the bottom of the slab
ta dah ... good to go.


Dustin Martin said...

I'm curious. Do you leave the waterjet cut finish on the edges of the base or do you polish them?

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

we polish the edges to a satin finish on our spindle sander dustin ... it takes a while, depending on the cut quality, which can vary slightly.

Scott B said...

Looks great. Can you tell me what you used to finish the top?

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hi scott .. currently we are using lenmar poly, available at your ben moore store. this one had two coats of gloss for a base, and then a top coat of the dull rubbed. sand with 400 or 600 between coats. sometimes, if your area is really dust free, you can just sand it very lightly with 2500 paper and paper towel it after the last coat. sometimes too, we sand it and then top coat it with a wipe on wipe off coat of the final sheen cut with a little linseed.