Friday, April 18, 2014

a round walnut table with an inlay

some things you just can't catch in a photo .. this table is one of them .. click.  too light ... click. too dark.  it's a tough one.  it has a dark brown/black finish with an inlay and a nice medium shine ... typically, i leave the finish room florescents on when i take my 'record' photos for my blog .. they just killed the image above.  i could not get it right.  but below, i was just doing the final check before the table left today, and with the overhead lights off, and a raking incandescent light, and wow, the inlay just pops.  click the photos to enlarge them ...
the darkness at the top of these images is more the color of the table, 
but the raking light makes the inlay glow.
i'm hoping the clients have a nice downlight chandelier over the table.  if they do, it will be awesome ..
we'll find out tomorrow when it's delivered.
here's the light set up .. 
and here is the inlay, early in the process, before it was routed into the table top.
in this photo, the top and the inlay are heading into the veneer bag.
all done and ready for staining
and below is the original table that opened up and had two leaves.
here is a link to the blog post on the original table we made back in january of 2012

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