Saturday, August 9, 2014

a room screen from 2006

i was looking for tables for my 'what kind of dining tables do you make' post and came across these photos of a 6' x 6' custom room screen we made back in 2006.  it's really one of my favorite pieces of all time, and i wish we could put this concept to more use in our regular work.  it takes a special kind of adventurous and trusting client though, and that type of client has been somewhat less common these last 5 years.  maybe 2014 we'll see one. the year is off to a terrific start .... click the photos to enlarge them.
how many kinds of wood in this one ??? ... let's see.  you've got your peruvian walnut, your quarter sawn cherry, your vertical grain fir, some quilted big leaf maple, some bubinga, some curly redwood, some western red cedar, some maple burl on the tops of the frames .... i think that about covers it, except for some quartersawn pine diagonal strips balancing the backs of the solid wood veneered mdf panels. 
we originally discussed painting the different woods with transparent colors like i do on my woodburnings, but once the client saw the colors of the woods, she decided to stick with the clear finish.
i like it, but someday i'm gonna do some screen or panel or table top like this with some painted color, like a 3d wood burning or 3d painting.  where is that client ???
it was a really fun piece, partly inspired by the book, 'the quilts of gee's bend' , and partly by some of my woodburnings that were hung on my office wall when the client came to discuss her concept.
these are the only process photos i discovered, though i'm sure there are a few hanging around somewhere.
some woodburnings

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