Tuesday, August 12, 2014

fun with a lounge chair

we've been making these lounge chairs for a few years while now ... we've made more than 20 of them and i've lost count mpw.  this one's got a new twist though ... ah! ..  a pun!   sorry, it just slipped out 
one of our clients is building a new house with a really nice fireplace on one wall and a killer view on another wall .. they thought it would be nice to at times be able to face the chairs in either direction .. after a couple of failed attempts with somewhat substandard commercial swivels and a failed first prototype, we made the prototype in the video, which, as you can see, works slick.  if you have a side table though, it'll clear that out as it spins, so you may need an 'attachment' to provide highest and best use.  more photos as we get the real cushions and apply the finish ...

after considering several commercial swivels, we decided that since the mechanism would be somewhat visible, we would have to build our own.  we used the same hardware as on the swiveling bar stools. we'll be adding another curved element to cover the steel support system before we do the finishing ...  i think that will add some additional interest to the front view too.

website information at this link

in the raw
on the porch (with optional green canvas covers)
i have a rocker like the one above for sale (scroll down)
and i have 3 in my office.  i think of them
sort of as mid century adirondack chair adaptation
we also do a narrower 'ladies version'
and we also do something similar with a metal frame. ..
lots of napping possibilities ...


Harald Hansen said...

That's a lovely chair!

Terra Nova Designer said...

Love design and all the capabilities. The version in the video with the built in side table and swivel is particularly intriguing because of it's versatility.