Sunday, March 8, 2015

arts and crafts stools

all finished now
we just finished building three of our arts and crafts, frank lloyd wright inspired bar stools for a client in st. louis.  they will be sprayed with a clear lacquer finish this week, and they will pop a little more once the finish is on them.  they are part of a continuation of a design we first built in 2003 for the client who gave us the inspirational photo of a similar short chair designed originally by frank lloyd wright.

these are in natural cherry.  the ones we just finished are antural finished curly hard maple
, with leather from universal leather in high point, north carolina

stragihtforward lines, with a few curves thrown in to soften mr. wright's rectinlinearality (is that a word?
 we have them in our own kitchen
and we have also done them in other colors and woods
as well as patchwork scrap leather seats
 for more information and pricing, visit our dorset custom furniture website


mahogany furniture said...

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thank you

Jordan said...

I love the design of these stools. The finish looks amazing too. Thanks for sharing!