Friday, March 20, 2015

still famous after all these years

well, thanks to our old friends at certainly wood, a piece we made, oh, more than 25 years ago, has gained a new life.  we were spring cleaning today and were about to recylce this brochure that came with our latest order and some one said "wait! .. check it out first.  you may want to hold onto that."  so i checked it out.  and i held onto it.  and i took a couple pictures ... click the photos to enlarge them...
with a little help on the veneer work from kb woodworking, we made this federal style sideboard in the late 80's, and with my enthusiastic permission, certainly wood used it in their promotions for a few years after that.  i have to be honest, i don't pay much attention to the promotional stuff that comes with my orders from suppliers i often use, but maybe in the future i will .. it put a nice highlight on my day.

just a few of our easily accessible photos of other certainly wood veneer projects
curly maple, lacewood, certainly wood curly redwood veneer .. i have just a little of this veneer left
 curly redwood, pre-embargo brazilian rosewood, and birdseye maple.  hammered copper pulls and hammered copper covered tapered turned legs ... one of my personal favorites ..
veneer panels laid up by our friends at kb woodworking in cairo, new york
 companion piece to the high boy above .. 
curly redwood veneer and curly maple solids, east indian rosewood
surprisingly, i don't see this on my website
a pair of federal card tables circa 1997.  crotch mahogany, ribbon stripe mahogany, and satin wood veneers ... quite the project ... another one of our favorites ...
and many, many others.  it's been a long and fruitful relationship .. you go, certainly wood!!
you may use any of my photos you like, anytime ...

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