Friday, April 24, 2015

new table design

update 4/14 .. all done and in new york now ... fun project. nice wlanut
102 long when open ... room for 12 good friends
4/5/15 ... we're in the process of adding a new design to our collection of expanding tables

this one was a collaboration between our client, who sent us photos and guided our sketching, and me, who did the drawings, and trevor, who made the models above.

we started out with the base splitting and separating with the leaves and then realized that
the whole concept would be easier to execute and would work better if the vertical base sections were at a 45 degree angle to the split in the table top.
there is a 3.5" square block in the center of the four verticals that was 
split on a 45 before the final glue up.
here are the four verticals with their braces glued on.  the joints are reinforced with dominoes.
fine matched walnut from irion lumber
moving along in the process ... trevor will add the run ners and the sub top this week, after we finish up 

more later as we move it along ... 

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Test Coder said...

I like the way you work. This is a great piece of engineering and the wooden stools are looking amazing.