Wednesday, May 13, 2015

a claro walnut slab king size bed

we wrapped up this claro walnut slab bed last week and delivered it on monday ... the mattress should be on it now .. the clients are out of town, so it will be a minute before we have a picture of it with pillows and get the full effect.
we started with this slab from goodhope hardwoods.
then we made this drawing of the space and  made the mockup below.
1/8th scale

trevor did a little smoothing with the power plane and we made a pattern for the
clients to try in their space

trevor made the platform with double 3/4 ply as the mattress was an extra special posturepedic 
that weighs about 300 pounds .. you could have a small dance party on this one.
a little finish on the slab and it was off to its new home below
ta dah!
and tah dah again .. working on the bedside tables now ...

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Stephanie Tan said...

Awesome! what a great craft! love it very much.... just wonder, can you do furniture using rattan too?