Friday, May 22, 2015

open studio ... good to go !

ok, after a couple days of cleaning and organizing, we're good to go for open studio #23 ... we've got some things to see, some things for sale, and the cleanest shop since this time last year.  i whine and moan about how much time it takes, but it always feels good when we are really clean (for us), like now, and ready to open the doors.  come by if you can, saturday or sunday, 10 to 5.  lots to see, like the big slab of mahogany above.  click the photos to enlarge them.
 wood shop at about 4:00 ... everybody gone but will and kit .  a reclaimed chestnut king size bed, and a 12' white oak table ready to be finished next week...
 i've had pottery out in the past, but this time, for the first time, there will  be prices on the back.
 sam's metal shop is clean and the new lathe is ready to be wired up
 as usual, the banjo shop area is neat as a pin.
 and kit is setting up jer jewelry in the finish room .  the mahogany slab is in there as well as the claro walnut slab for sale on the wall, and there's an oak slab too that would make a small dining table 
or a nice coffee table.
 still waiting for the house to be finished to ship the pool table to long island
 the table from last year's statehojuse show is still looking for a home.
it's a little 'outside the box', but the right person may come by this weekend.
 ready to finish ... headed to marblehead
 our new temporary gallery over the metal shop is set up, and trevor has a few things for sale there too.
and the wild azaleas are blooming ...


Greg Jones said...

Wow, the shop looks great Dan! Hope you all have a great weekend. I really want to get up there one day to visit myself.

Greg Jones
Berea, KY USA

James William said...

I can't believe that table from last year's statehouse show still doesn't have a home. It looks too pretty to be a homeless table. Hope I can visit your place someday.

Chirag Dagli said...

Wow this shop looks Amazing! Loved it.

Tyrone Bobby Joe Hill said...

I've always had a great respect for custom furniture makers like you guys. I'm a really big fan of the table with the circles on the top and sides. It's extremely unique and it definitely doesn't seem like something you could get at any furniture store. That's precisely why my wife and I have been only looking for custom furniture lately. It gives us options that are more unique to our own style. Good luck with your future work!

Elis Layla said...

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