Wednesday, November 11, 2015

a live edge claro walnut slab coffee table

 we finished up another claro walnut slab coffee table last week
polished steel 2" tubing base with some squiggles.  we're starting to use the squiggles
 more and more.  people like them and in my opinion, they add 'fun' and 'lightness' to the design.
click the photos to enlarge them ...
the coffee table above is in my own house and that was the inspiration piece for 
the base design the clients finally chose.  we did offer it with the base on the ends as shown
in the cad drawing above, but with the thicker slab, it seemed to feel better
 to have the base under the slab rather than at the ends ... 
i had some fun making the scale model .. a photo of the slab, painted mdf and brass wire
and sam welded up the base .. we're waiting for the house to be finished soon to deliver it ... 

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