Friday, November 13, 2015

a 'white' oak bed

we finished this one up last week and it will be heading for cape cod as soon 
as the house is finished ...
click the photos to enlarge them ...
we had an inspiration image from the designer, and we played with several different
layouts including ones that aren't shown in the drawing above
sam welded up a nice steel base,
and chris layed out the headboard from the drawing
lots of white oak pieces, lots of grooves and lots of spline
almost ready for the frame
mitered and glued and screwed on from the wall side .. 
some minwax pickling stain and some water based poly to keep the oak white
and we're good to go ... 
looking forward to seeing it with the mattress and duvet.  it should be sharp.

i made that door in 1978 ... sort of the same ...

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Tradecnc said...

Great work, looks really good. I have been dwelling for a while on making something similar, i don't think i have the budget for oak, so may have to go with pine and dye.