Monday, September 5, 2016

labor day

ahhh .. labor day ... dahlia time ... a time of reflection ... common wisdom bills it as 'the end of summer'.  here in vermont, it's the beginning of what is often 6 weeks of the most spectacular and beautiful weather anywhere.  crispy nights with occasional frost, warm clear days, the leaves change, the days get shorter .. all that, and more. it's been a cinderella at summer so far.  hot, but not too hot, dry, but the vegetables and farmer's corn and alfalfa are as good as ever, sunny, not too many clouds, lots of golf and tennis ... it's been great!
below are a few photos of the nature highlights around the old homestead ...
click the photos to enlarge them ... 
day lillies by the shop
lilly seasonat the house in july
kit's 'purple' garden, end of june .. lupins ..
 what happens when you stop eating the asparagus
 wild chanterelles

a couple of paintings
 in july, kit's garden starts to kick in ..

 the three above are from 'my seat by the pond'
 my seat by the pond .. a little weather drama ..
new pottery
we wash the convertible once in a while, whether it needs it or not ...
and now we are 'winding down' with the kiss me over the garden gates up to about 8 or 9'

 and the papermakers are finished with their nest
  the shower season will wind down soon .
black eyed susans .. fall is near ..
see that red maple out there?  all over but the shoutin' 
get out and enjoy it!

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