Tuesday, December 13, 2016

yet one more round walnut table

12/13/16 ... all in , all done .. ready to roll off to new york this week
12/19 .. home for the holidays
 high gloss laquered ceiling .. wallpaper
72" round, 2 18" leave ... below is the story ...
first, a couple of scale drawings of the table in the room

and an elevation below
i am not sure what is going on in the marketplace, but this year has been one for us
just full of round walnut tables, with and without leaves, lots and lots of live edge 
tables, claro walnut and spalted maple mostly, 3 serious steel and walnut pool tables of the same design,   and other items involving steel in some form or another.  i'm not complaining mind you, in fact, i like
the mix ... i'm just curious why the mix isn't more broad.  must be google ...
so, here comes another round walnut table, at least the 5th this year ...six feet in diameter with 2 leaves,
to be followed shortly afterwards by another round walnut table, 60 inches in diameter, no leaves. ... 
go figure ... where are the desk, sideboard, and other case piece folks?
no worries ... here's the wood we got from irion lumber for the 72" round  ... some progress photos below ..
the base is veneered and the columns are cut to a rough shape.
they will be sanded up and the base should be all assembled tomorrow or wednesday.
 trevor cut the halves of the tops today .. waste not, want not ...
he cut it close with his glue up
the two halves of the top and the apron parts .. all cut on the cnc
the sub top, the equalized runners from rockler, and the leaves waiting to be cut and fitted.

more photos as we progress ...
11/29/16  first rough assembly of the parts today


Charlton Wang said...

Look at all those guitar cases in the background!

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

those are mostly banjo cases for my son will's business .. check out seedersinstruments.com ... he builds and repairs lots of cool stuff.

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