Saturday, March 18, 2017

mr berry has left the building

mr. berry has left the building .. soundtrack of my youth ... maybelline .. promised land ...
on and on ... there is some vinyl, somewhere, as well as a cd, also somewhere, of 
'the great 28', chuck's biggest hits ... 
rock and roll hall of famer, influencer of the stones, the beetles, bruce and even the beach boys,
and he was finally recognized by the grammy folks ith a lifetime achievemnet award in 1984.
he was a showman and had some trouble with the law, but his particular style of guitar playing is 
one of the gold standards of early rock.  there is an excellent obit in the times by jon pareles..
good slide show and a nice tribute there .. 
i leave you with a little duckwalk and the lyrics to 'promised land' 
i hope chuck really made it there ..

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Beatles (oh yeah, I see what they did there)