Sunday, March 12, 2017

another american walnut table and 12 ladderbacks

another walnut table .. this one with some sap wood and another steel base ..
here's the drawing ..
ready for some 'bronze' finish on the steel
and the 8/4 from irion .. Myron had to hunt up these boards with the sapwood. 
there usually isn't much sap on their walnut ..
I was hoping for a bit more, but it looks good as it is .
these clients chose the Danish cord ladderbacks .. 12 of em ... lots of parts
they will look like these when they are finished ..
with lots of nails for the cordwork

for a change, we put the nails in before the chairs were glued up and finished ...
our cord person, Sandy Sherman, of Sherman chair caning was most appreciative ..
nesting !!
ready for finish and cording .. pictures of the finished table
and chairs soon ...

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