Tuesday, April 11, 2017

a long pine console

always nice to have someone else do the design work ...
this piece was designed to make use of some pine planks sawn from a blowdown on the client''s property.. the cabine it is going in will be sophisticated, but rustic, and when we figure out how to finish this piece, i am sure it will fit right in .. the metal work design with the
cross bars under tension is an interesting concept .. sure makes things rigid ... 
as we often do, for an unfamiliar concept like this one, we make a full size mockup
to get down the basics
sam made some sweet double threaded connectors for the ends of the rods and
the cap screw that goes through the tapered wedge to apply 
tension to the rods and stiffen up the structure ...
he got some super long brass shavings while doing the drilling on the metal lathe
so here's the full blown mockup with the holes, wedges and capscrews
 we did the real drilling today ..

we've got to do some finish samples now and just a bit 
of tinkering with the lengths of the threaded rod, 
screw on the top, and we'll be all set .. updates as we finish up ...

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