Tuesday, April 25, 2017

mahogany and maple burl chairs

finished up these 8 chairs to go with the big claro walnut table 
and they're off !!! left to be airfreighted to the big island yesterday
they shouold be at home this time next week ..
these are contemporary versions of our 'transitional chairs', a design
we ligthly adapted from a beidermeier chair we were hired to reproduce 
back in the early 90s ..
the house has a lot of mahogany in it and it looks good with mahogany
lots of legs and curved rails on the cnc by trevor

fit up the backs first ...
we used to use individual corner blocks, but we have found that 
a cnc mdf sub seat is faster, more accurate, and gives a larger
glue surface for reinforcement ...
before the finish


ready to crate
crates .. we added some 'closet dessicant' available from your
local lumber yard to (hopefully) control moisture on the short air flights

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