Monday, June 19, 2017

a 'whitewashed' ash table for the beach house

we are about to ship this one to martha's vineyard, hopefully later this week ..
made it in time for the 4th!
it's kind of a big one, 40 x 126 and the design is based on the 
coincidentally, that one wlso went to martha's vineyard ... 

the main difference is the thinner, narrower top and the whitewash vs,
the natural ash finish on the table above.

satin finish steel base by sam in the metalshop
same finish on this ash entry way piece we made a few years back.

all done, ready to roll ...


Anonymous said...

Do you still do your breadboards with the long Timberlok style screws? I know you mentioned it a few years back but I'm wondering how it holds up.

Sam roy said...

Furniture coast to coast