Friday, June 9, 2017


8/9/17 .. this just in ...
a reclaimed hemlock table made from un nailed wood the clients
'picked up off their barn floor'.

note above for  the walnut table in this blog post
and the chestnut console table below

a claro walnut slab desk
a couple tables to north carolina

i got a nice email from our recent pool table client the other day and it made me think of the other wonderful comments i often get from our clients, some of whom we have met, and some, like the one from england, obviously we haven't.  it's always nice to hear a kind word after you ship something out into the great unknown.  letters and notes like these keep us going ... 
click the photos to enlarge them.

a claro walnut table to florida  i liked this one ... 'It's better than i imagined' !!
a mahogany table to california  .. scroll down through this post
a cherry table to wisconsin
the steering wheel restoration
chairs and a table to boston  this is the client, but i couldn't find the most recent stuff ... it's probably in one of those 'more news from the metal shop' type posts.
 a walnut slab table to london  scroll down about half way

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