Sunday, August 20, 2017

an 80 inch round table.. opens to 128 inches

we finished up this 80" round walnut table last week and the owners are waiting
for a custom carpet to be delivered before we can ship it
it is very similar in design to the 74" round walnut table we did back in july
when disassembled for finishing, we counted over 60 separate pieces
including aprons, moldings, and stiffeners ...
lots of time consuming staining, sanding and finishing on this baby ..
cant wait to see it in its new home, probably sometime after labor day now
half lapped base pieces with a central post
and we used some different, more rigid runners from hettich
to help with the weight of the table when extended and some
similar hardware from rockler for the drop down legs ..
the base is glued up from 4 'cs' dominoed and glued to the central post

these could have been cut on the bandsaw from a pattern, but trevor has
 found he can get faster results by cutting as deep as he can on the cnc, 
then a quick, rough cut the rest of the way through on the bandsaw,
and then a clean up with a large flush cut bit in the router ..
each pair is joined by glue and double dominos,
and then they are all glued to the post on the table saw, upside down,
 with the base attached .. similar to the previous pedestal table, the short grain at
the ends of the curves are reinforced by 5/8ths wide splines
glued into kerfs cut with the dado heads ... these spines also function
as places to screw the cross of the base and the sub top to 
i'd like to see that cherry table now.  i bet the color and figure are fantastic.
more miscellaneous parts and pieces below ...

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