Friday, August 18, 2017

a walnut table for a banquette

sent a walnut table shuffling off to bufflao a couple weeks ago
it was designed for a corner banquette to allow easy entrance

pretty straightforward on the top and apron.  trevor cut the shape of the top and 
the apron corners and moldings on the cnc, glued up the aprons
and added the beads

and i photo documented the mitering process this time ..
we've done this base numerous times, but if trevor were out sick, it would 
take me a minute to figure out the process .. got it now ..

make a jig, make the first cut, flip it end for end, make the second cut ..
the pieces look like this after mitering .. while they don't show here,
we insert 3/4" oak dowels into the miters to catch the
long lag boltscoming up from the  cross base.
we use domino joinery when we glue up the
four mitered pieces ..
there is a 3/4" subtop that ties the four verticals together and
splines in the tops to reinforce the short grain when the subtop's attached
always nice to have a happy customer ..

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