Saturday, December 30, 2017

a cherry and burl coffee table

update 12/31
we made this coffee table originally back in may of 2009. 
will made that one, but tyler and trevor and i made this one ... ready to ship now.
i hope to get a good studio picture sometime this weekend.
we got some nice curly cherry for it from our friends at irion lumber
we milled out the legs, and fluted and mortised them in the photo below.
above, is the structure of the lower shelf and stretchers, ready for final sanding and finishing.

test fit up on everything .. good to go ..
lots of clamps and glue blocks
here we are getting started after routing the groove for the edge inlay
gluing and taping it in place

and stay warm .. it's zeroish here in vermont ... 10 below this morning ..

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