Monday, January 1, 2018

happy new year

well ok !!  it's 2018 !!  a new year is underway.
I usually write something thoughtful, but i think this year i'll
just post some appreciative pictures of where i live and work ...
i was looking back through my work photos (which i will slide show soon)
and the nature photos caught my eye over and over again.
i am so lucky to live here even though it was minus16 at 7:00 this morning, and it
is about 8 below outside now .. 
as they say, 'you don't like the weather in vermont? just wait a minute.'
my friend cook and i were reminiscing last week while we were indoor golfing about a
time in january in the early 80s where it went from 10 below to the mid 60s in 
about 30 hours .. whiplash!

anyway, here's some nature for ya from the 10 acres we call home ..
there is beauty all around us ...
click the photos to enlarge them ... 

last 7 days

foliage season



last winter

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