Thursday, January 3, 2019

a custom stair rail

just before christmas we installed the final sections of 
this custom stair rail a local clients house. 
we have been working with this client for, literally, years ... 
we made seme nice cherry shelves when my brother in law was
redoing the masonry of the fireplaces, and then a few years back we made
a nice cherry bar ... here's a link to that project
and after that we made four new vanities, also in cherry ...
we talked about replacing the existing stair rail for 
quite a while, and i made several sketches and drawings, 
finally settling on the tapered 3/8th steel spindles we had 
cut by wayne jones metal shop and his cnc plasma cutter.
from the cad drawing we made some full size mdf templates 
that we checked and adjusted (slightly), on site
since they were to be finished with a custom powder coat by
we test fitted them before the powder coat, which
turned out to be a good plan in one case ... 

anyway, the finish was beautiful.
it was a 'translucent' powder finish which meant the
fabrication marks were still somewhat visible giving the 
railing more of a 'handmade' look.
we made the handrails in the wood shop and installed the last sections the day
before the clients arrived for the holidays .. nip and tuck ...

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