Thursday, September 28, 2017

a custom cherry bar

who engineered the stone and the plumbing, we installed
this custom cherry bar cabinet last week.  beautiful flamed black granite top and 
a hand hammered copper sink in a beautiful sunroom.
we've been working on it for a bit now, and i am glad it is in its new home now.
you can see a little of the process below ..
as usual, it starts with a cad drawing and a cut list for myron at irion lumber.
beautiful 15-16" wide matched cherry for this piece
it is loosely based on this paint and maple sideboard we made back in the late 80s
blank slate in the room

we also did a cardboard mockup with a full size drawing ...
step one, the ply case
add the end panels, doors, drawers, and a template 
for the granite folks, and we are good to go .. well,
actually, as usual, there is a little more to it than that ..
 gotta deal with those off center, pesky pipes that have to be moved
so i made the jig below for the plumbers and set it up for them ..
that worked until i had my 'problem thoughts' when i awoke the morning of the installation ..
we now had to get the fairly heavy cabinet over the pipes and into place in the corner 
 with no place to stand .. brain storm
solution ??? remove the cabinet from the base .. 
place blocks to raise the box up above the top of the pipes,
slide the box over the pipes and remove one set of blocks at a time ..
fortunately, the supply pipes were only a bit above the top of the base, and the plastic drain
pipe had yet to be glued in, so we only needed 3 sets of 2 x 4 blocks ...
all that anxiety for nothing ... 

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Mike said...

nice cabinet and thanks you for the drawing for custom made cabinet.