Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pretty Slick

'the lesson' 5/08

Pretty slick this modern technology ... On the urging of my wife, who was out for a girl's night out with some out of town friends, around 9:00 Saturday night I started a book. Sunday morning I finished it and placed the order. Today at 1:00, 76 hours later, my book and it's free friend arrived. Nicely bound and professionally done, and, I might add, what you'd probably consider a reasonable price for the effort. A friend/client of mine started the site a few years ago. It's called . If you've got a high speed connection, (you'll need it for uploading) you can download the software (11mb) and have at it. It's surprisingly straightforward and there's a how to video if you need it. They've got a 2 for 1 deal on your first book and I've received other promotional incentives since I ordered. VERY professional. The formats are somewhat limited, but hey! I'm no book designer and I'm happy to have the creative box to keep me from wandering off into a project I would never finish if I had, like, total creative control. Anyway, if you've ever dreamed of seeing your stuff in print but couldn't bribe the right person to get it there, try this .... it's pretty slick. I have seen other books done on a Mac site and I hear they're also good and about the same price, but this one sticks to that favorite maxim of mine: KISS, 'keep it simple stupid' .... Click the pictures to enlarge them.

To see an online version of my book of drawings here's a link to it ...
Below are some compressed versions of a couple of the scanned drawings I uploaded ...
(Actually, if you do decide to try this, email me, ( and I'll send you a link, and, if you use it, I get $20. off my next book..... thanks ...)

'the dining room'

'farmhouse window'

'corner store'

'magic carpet'

the actual book .... looks real ! ... it is !

another page

products and pricing ... big coffee table books, regular books, paperbacks,calendars ...
check it out ....


Jessica said...

Looks great the could frame some of them in your rooms.

Living Room Chairs!

TheHouseTherapist said...

Great job on the book, Dan! And thanks for sharing the information. I had heard about My Publisher but didn't know anyone personally who had used it and made a real book. I'll definitely check it out.