Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sail Away

Pete called last night to say he sailed for a while Sunday afternoon. We made a new mast (see posts of May 2nd and 10th) to replace his original non-folding mast, and Sam made a tabernacle, a steel hinge thing like you might see on a flag pole which now allows him to conveniently trailer his sneakbox. It was his first trip out with the tabernacle and new mast in place. .... He was very happy with the whole deal. He lives in Pawlet and was able to trailer up to Lake St. Catherine, sail for a few hours, fold the mast back down, and trailer his boat back home .... He's psyched for a summer of varied location, small boat sailing ... and I'm looking forward to getting out there with him. Click the photos to enlarge them ...

Ready to roll on Saturday afternoon

Halfway down

Close up

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J said...

(((((((((((Great idea)))))))) for your boat repair!!!!!