Friday, July 10, 2009

A Summer Afternoon


Well, if you look up to the title of this blog, it's called a 'photo journal', so, occasionally, woodworking readers, you'll have to permit me to wander through the woods or my yard and issue a journal report. This is one of those times.
We have had an excruciatingly wet and cold summer to date. The joke was, in Vermont, last month was renamed Juneuary. Anyway, today when the phone woke me from my after work nap, it was one of those 6 o'clock afternoons where all the light is right, everywhere you look, and everything is beautiful and all seems right with the world. Kit gets ALLLLLL the credit for the gardens. I applaud and eat. Click the pictures to enlarge them ...

The front porch

The slanting sunlight in the dining room

This way to the porch

The back yard

Kit's vegetable garden

Outside the garden, 'buffalo rising' a new steel sculpture by Sam and Dan

The front walk garden ...

The pond with goldfish

Some decorative grasses ...

Day lillies and blueberries .. It's their time to shine

The shadow on the stairs on the way to my home office where I write this ...
Let's hope we get more 'summer afternoons' soon ...

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