Monday, February 28, 2011

models and mockups

below is a post i wrote for the guild of vermont furniture makers blog back in 2009. i was waiting for photos of the actual show at the furniture society before i put it on my own blog, but i didn't attend the conference and so, never got any photos ... i wanted to have it here on my own space and low and behold select all, copy and paste, and here it is ... looks like i used my old camera ...
here are a couple of links to some other built projects .. models can be fast and extremely helpful ... click the photos to enlarge them

the big tables .. long mdf model in foreground
the claro walnut desk two mockups; one with the photo on top in cardboard and a welded steel one far right foreground
the duck bed ... and aluminum sample before the stee, copper and brass ... foreground center

The Furniture Society Conference is coming up again and, just every year, I think I'll go, and then I don't. I expect this year will be the same. Like some other things in life, we think we might be more interested at first, but then are distracted by more interesting things. Happens all the time. I did, however, submit an entry in the 'Designs in Miniature' event which called for photos of models as design tools. Since I have a fair collection of them and find them valuable study and sales tools, and I like to build them, I sent some in. Here are the pictures. I don't have many of the pieces, but I do have ALL the models ... Click to enlarge the photos ...

Tapered cherry cabinets from last fall 1/6th scale, 30 x 21 x 6

revised models

One of the finished cabinets

More models and some finished tables below

One of my favorites from 1990

happens to be currently in my home office

Night pictures are always a little color challenged .. the tops are natural curly maple

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