Monday, September 26, 2011

psychology ... getting their heads on straight

well, this was fun ... we got to do a little 'psychological repair work' last week, you know 'getting their heads on straight' ...

this is actually a pretty amazing story. my friend lisa bought this special shona sculpture called (i think) 'the family', for her new husband dave on the occasion of their marriage and the joining of their boys from former marriages into a new family. it resided in a special spot on their lawn for several years, and then one day about a year and a half ago, it just disappeared. gone ... not a trace ... poof! granted, it was on their lawn, on a quiet dorset street, but you wouldn't think a 3 or 400 pound sculpture would just vanish, but it did. it stayed missing for about 5 months, and then last thanksgiving day they got a call from the poultney police saying a deer hunter had found their sculpture on the edge of a field. back it came with some scratches and the two heads that were broken off, but it was back! .. they asked me to help them fix it this spring, and eventually, i did. a little special stone epoxy from eastern marble and granite supply, a couple steel pins, and a couple deep breaths while i was drilling ... good to go ... click the photos to enlarge them ..
getting the holes to line up in the matching pieces took a little trial and error, but the epoxy allowed for a little wiggle room .. above, we employ one of our best clamps, 1.5" blue masking tape.
with lisa, smiling away
and back together again ...
you'd hardly know on this one, but the other head will require a little paint touch up
rover approves


Brian Q said...

I love the idea of celebrating the combining of family's. Glad she was able to recover the sculpture.

Conference Tables said...

Simply saying your creative just wouldn't cut it. You are inspirational. This is art! Absolutely stunning. I would feel honored to have a piece like this some day. Thanks for sharing. You are incredibly talented.