Saturday, September 10, 2011

a round expanding table with a steel base

9/25 .. all done now

9/10/11 ... we're moving along on the table we're making from the model above. i posted that picutre, i think, in one i wrote back in june sometime. great concept; exceptionally stable for a small base/big top table. the 3" hollow steel tubing has a nice weight to it, and the 30 x 30 footprint under a 60" diameter top allows plenty of room for chairs and knees.
sam did a great job mitering and welding the pieces. he did have a nice jig that trevor made for him on the cnc, but i can't find the photo of it. it was a simple piece of mdf with a 'u' shape the size of the base routed into it. it made mitering, fitting and welding the pieces of tubing a piece of cake.
add the 'aprons'
and the top plate ...
and the moin equalizing slides ...
i think the model is 1.5" = 1' or 1/8 scale
these runners actually opened further than we needed them to ..
with the leaves in (96" long)
closed, and ready for the black conversion varnish that will go on the top. sam still needs to roll and polish a piece of 1/4" x 2" steel that will be attached over the 1.75" wood apron currently seen under the top and it will be ready to go. fun new concept. gold star to my client for her design input ...


Sven S. said...

is there any Chance to get one of this beautiful expanding round tables? Sven

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hello sven ... yes, we still make them. please email me at ... or call me at 802-867-5541
thanks for your interest in our work .. dan