Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a gate leg walnut console

we finished this walnut gateleg console table today, and it is headed for vail, colorado on thursday with 3 other pieces heading off, respectively, to chicago, (the custom pool table),, florida, (the 53" wide claro walnut table... more on that one later), and houston, (a cherry console table).  power of the internet.  for the first time this year, more of our work is going to clients who we have never met and who have never been to our studio than to clients we know or who have ties to southern vermont.  for the first few years, 10 or 20 at least, it was all people who had at least visted my shop or directly  knew folks who had.  the last 2 or 3 years, that's all changed.  it's amazing to me, but i'm really thankful.

this table started as a concept based on another parsons table we had previously built for this client for their home in connecticut.  the main requirement was that the table was a console table 95% (or more) of the time, but that, in a pinch, could become a dining table for 4 or six additional guests
it's your basic form with a fold over, veneered walnut top and two sets of gatelegs that swing out on the back side.
 with the legs fully unfolded, there will be room for 6 good friends or
or with the legs partially unfolded as below, comfortable seating for four.  even though we punted on the wood hinges, we still used the traditional dovetailed wood box for the table frame.
in the past, we have gone with the traditional wooden hinge for the gateleg option, but no matter how hard i tried, (and i've had my employees try it too) with the double gateleg, there was always too much 'play' in the wooden hinge for comfort and stability.  this time we used some very tight 3" brass butt hinges, which, while untraditonal, i feel are a long lasting and slightly stiffer alternative.  there you have it, compact seating for six from an 18" x 60" console table.  a good combination.  click the photos to enlarge them ...

email note from a relative below ...

"p.s. we were in vail for xmas, and love the 'convertible' table in kevin's condo. it looks fabulous."


Jason Herrick said...

So simple, but so awesome Dan. Another one, well done. I JUST did a walnut parsons table and I used your blog for tips to get it out the door. I guess a thank you is in order. Cheers. :)

mark said...

v.nice your shearing is very nice thanks

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