Friday, November 23, 2012

and now, a couple more claro walnut tables

table to miami
table to brooklyn

ok, the top one arrived in florida on tuesday, just in time for turkey day.  the curly one above has been hanging around the shop since may, waiting for the client's home remodel to be finished.  that one will leave for brooklyn on tuesday.  it was first pictured in this post  back on may 28th and now soon it will be on its way.  click the photos to enlarge them.

the top table started with this monster slab, about 11' long and 3+ inches thick.  we learned a few tricks on this one.  it was a heavy one ....
one trick we learned was to build a really substantial and well made cart with serious casters.  once we slid it off the workbench and stood it up on the cart. it was a piece of cake to get it out the shop door, on a ramp into the back of the truck, and into steve's shop for the matte finish that the client requested.

the client selected our 'trapedzoid' base, and sam cut the parts and welded them up in our metal shop.
later, after polishing, the base was blackened with our normal blackening patina and sealed with a low lustre lacquer.
there were a couple cracks we had to butterfly and one or two random small defects that we just left 'as is'.

there was one sort of large (+/- 3/8ths") bolt in the slab that we drilled a bit and pounded a bit until it was below the surface enough to fill it so it looked like some of the other knots in the area.  pretty good in the end.
the welded steel base was a combination of 1.5 x 3" tubing and 2/5 x 1/4" angle iron.  rigid and strong and handsome with the thick slab ... 
i got a wonderful email from the client wednesday and i think i'll use his comment as our new business motto .... 'better than i expected' ... can you ask for more than that?

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