Thursday, November 29, 2012

some of our 'transitional' side chairs

we've been making these 'transitonal', biedermeier inspired, side and arm chairs now for about 15 years,  even after making literally, hundreds of them, they are still a challenge, start to finish.  curves, compound angles, compound angled leg tops, angled mortises and tenons, you name it.  they are, i must admit though, extremely comfortable, and work in both traditional and contemporary settings depending on the wood and finish choices.  click the photos to enlarge them.
they look easy, at first glance, when they are finished.  they're not.
these eight bubinga and lacewood chairs will be leaving for england from westport connecticutt december 6th.  they will accompany an expanding bubinga pedestal dining table we made about 10 years ago.
12/11/12 .. this just in.  a photo of the chairs with the bubinga table we made a while back.  the clients are moving themselves and their furniture back to england this week ...
 by now, we've got most of the parts that can be cut on the cnc, programmed into the cnc.  folks have commented that we would get more legs on the planks if we bandsawed them individually, which we used to do.  yeah, it can be done, but i did enough of them to know that after you saw (and sand them for a few hours), getting the mortises in the right places after you cut them isn't worth the savings in wood.  wood's cheap compared to shop time.
 there are a lot of cool visuals as these chairs are in the works
here trevor is cutting them on the cnc, adding the mortises in all the right places as he goes.
and here they are with the cherry tables we finished recently.  the tables are made from a pair of 10 foot bookmatched cherry boards and can be assembled into one 10 foot table for large gatherings.

the arm chair version from a previous set


Anonymous said...

Very nice. The wood, especially as seen in the second photo, is awesome.

Jing said...

Shame on you!
As a famous woodworker, the waste of wood just show the dark side of human nature in your heart!(if you have any)
We have one earth, the tree has only one chance to become something beautiful. Your selfish CNC plan makes some extra bucks for your greediness but ruined those planks of wood which could find better use even in the less skillful woodworkers hands if only they have a heart for the beauty of wood and less desire for money.

Shame on you!