Sunday, December 30, 2012

a custom walnut sideboard

well, we're coming down the home stretch on this one ... it's walnut, and sam is nearly finished welding and polishing the steel base the photos to enlarge them ..
 all done   1/15 ... off to long island
 here's the story ..
we started with the client's very detailed drawing with measurements that she kindly sent to start the dialog ... most folks are not this organized.
after putting it into my cad program, we made a few changes to get things under budgetary control and ended up with the elevation below.  the piece will have a stone top and a steel base,
here it is, early on,with the box defined, the runners in and the face frame on.
here, the drawers and doors are fitted up ... the client did not like our choice of crotch walnut veneer and so, will made a new pair of doors with calmer grain ... no problem.  that's why we send photos ...

it's in the finish process now.  the base is complete, and we'll put it all together next week.

there will be a wine rack in the center drawer, and room for other bar bottles stored vertically in a pull out drawer behind the center doors.

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