Wednesday, December 12, 2012

road trip ... pool table installation

 will and i took a nice road trip today to sugarbush ski area in warren, to install the reclaimed post and beam pool table we finished last week.  it was a beautiful, sunny two hour drive, over brandon gap in the national forest, and up route 100 to warren, vermont. 
 the house had an easy, back door access and the installation went off without a hitch.  here's a link to a video of the table in action, with me missing some easy shots so you can see how the cushions work.  ha ha ... i'm liking the video thing as you can now see a little bit how the table plays and sounds.  i think i will try to do some other videos on a couple of the local tables we have built over the years.
we installed this table on a polished concrete floor that was absolutely, 100 %, perfectly level.  never saw anything like it before.  it was a welcome change from the last table we installed, where the floor was about 1/2" out of level from one end to the other. 
 it was a very nice, lower level room with great light, easy access and the tv was already installed.
 after truing up the edges of the slates with very thin index card shims, will bondoed the cracks before we stretched the felt.
 a little pocket trimming and some leather liners ...
 and it was time to rack 'em up.    
we had a couple of job site labs to help us out and keep us company ... good dogs...
the cue rack installation was easy ..
the house was beautiful and almost finished
 there was no snow, but the mountain looked steep and challenging, and they were trying ... all the guns were blowing snow, but it still looked pretty thin.  one of the carpenters said 'they're grooming the same four inches for the last two weeks'.
 on both legs of the trip, we passed the very scenic moss glen falls, around granville, on route 100.
sunset coming down brandon gap the other way ... home by 5:00 ...

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