Thursday, December 6, 2012

trout fishing in america

well,  what can i say ... i was trying to rehab my insulted rotor cuff at the pool table in my cellar the other night, but it was too much for me.  i sat down and started pulling things out of a bookcase at the end of the table.  hadn't checked it out in years. 'trout fishing in america' by richard brautigan caught my eye and i remembered what a trippy little read it was... inspirational as a creative writing example.  this guy was something.  it's been a long debate about exacty what kind of something he was, but for a couple hours you can really be entertained.  below are just two examples of the 40 or so short essays available in its 112, five and a quarter x 8 inch, pages.  catch it if you can ... click the pages to read them ...

and in case you were wondering ... i give you here, the 'mayonaise chapter'.
found some old 35 mm slides too ... we'll get to them later ..

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Rob said...

Get well soon. I love that book, read it a few times but had to stop when I thought it starting to make sense -- a real dangerous place to be.