Wednesday, March 13, 2013

new claro slabs

these just in, and they're looking for a home ... use your imagination .. desks?  coffee tables?  small dining tables?  bed headboards?  wall sculptures?  whatever ... give us a call with your ideas at 802 867 5541 or email us at click the photos to enlarge them ..

cts 3 .. good figure on the left end .. funky ant attack in the upper left corner.  could be dramatic when finished ...

rough dimensions here
 these images cts 1 .. i've got a nibbler on this one already

burl like growths along the top edge

cts 2  also with some burly things on one edge

thin, (+/- an inch or so when it is finished) and a little funky, with some dramatic cracks and good figure on the left end ... needs work ... happy to cut it smaller ...

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