Friday, March 29, 2013

and then it was friday

quite a lot went on this week ... i wasn't sure i was going to make it through all of it, but, in the end, i did ... click the photos to enlarge them ...

will is finishing up a new version of this sideboard we made back around 2004 or 5.  it will be stained and have walnut hand turned pulls.  he's got the top moldings installed now and will be starting the turning and finishing process on monday.
and sam had a busy week, working on some BIG turnbuckles for a local  remodel project

and the stratton rails are finished except for some touch up paint on the welds .. complex project.  angles, level changes, drainspouts ... all done now. 
and he welded up a whole new railing job ... straight rail sections plus the stairs ... paint 'em black next week.
and jim's working on some curved benches from some curved planks we have had air drying outside the finish room for at least a couple of years.  (actually they are in that link from 2010 ... finally made a decision.
first we curved the front and back edges of the tapered ash supports, then we burned them with the big torch, and then we swabbed on some red and black oil based paint ... these bookmatched benches will be good for indoors or out .. they are homeless for the moment and looking for a place to live ... price on request.
and trevor finished up the curly maple trestle table with some stain and varnish.  that one will be around until the room where it is going is finished in a couple weeks ... nice color!

and he started a new 11'6" long version of the table above, also from the mid 2000s.
roughing out the top made us think of bar shuffleboard .. all we needed was some wax.
the scale was different so we made mdf mockup aprons and a new, 4" square leg sample.
approved by the client ...
and the top is glued up .. nice cherry from our friends at irion lumber.
  and i'm working on my pottery chops, with a new technique of my own devising.
i have never had the time to put in to learn to throw shapes like these, so i devised some lathe turned mdf forms. first i roll out a .2" thick slab, then after it is on the form and rough trimmed, i put it on the wheel, add a 'snake' for a foot and throw the foot onto the bottom of the bowl form ... it has allowed me to make shapes that my pottery throwing skills will most likely never be up to, and, i love the 'target' shapes.  i can pretend i'm jasper johns or josef albers for a minute or two ... more on this technique later.
and we're fooling with some new zinc table top concepts, like maybe a 'hammered over' edge on a round top ... it could work .. 
and jim picked up a few items from a temporarily closed gallery in massachusetts ... ready to go and attractively priced for sure.

including this very fine claro slab table ... +/- 44 x 90 ... it has a polished rebar base, but we are open to other options .. call for prices and details on all these former gallery items .. 802-867 5541

   and the last of the ice went out of the pond today with the sunny skies and 50 degree temperatures.  i thin it is finally gonna be spring now ...

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