Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a walnut table with leaves

 with a rich walnut stain and finish .. shoot! i forgot to dust it before the photos.
3/25  .. on its way to vegas now
click the photos to enlarge them ...
 this table started with an inquiry from a client about a 'mid-century modern' style table.
she sent us the photo above from an antique dealer's website and asked us to 
size it to suit the needs of her and her family and stain it a rich chocolaty brown.

which led to the cad drawing above and the stack of nice wide walnut from irion lumber below.
we didn't think we wanted our base frames so close to the edge of the table as
in the original photo, so we made a couple sample panels from mdf ..
looking for that 'goldilocks moment .. just right, above
too small on the left, too big on the right ..

and because, in the end, we decided on three leaves, we had to add the frame you see
above to support the moin runners and stabilize the base.  if you look closely (click
the photo to enlarge it), you can also see we added some arced 'rails' that are not visible
when the top is on but stiffen the base elements considerably when the table is opened.  
not a lot of structure to this design, but it's going to be fine.  no dancing out on the ends ...
all good in this photo, except for the apron. trevor has got it in the finish room now with all the stain
and the first coat of finish on it today .. won't be long now ...


Sara said...

Stunning table! So it expands from 60" t0 96".. Are you making more of this or is it a one-and-done custom order?

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

we are always happy to make new versions of our designs .. in fact we are working on a table that is similar to this one, but slightly different. check the blog post for july 3rd. call me at 802-867-5541, or send me an email at dan@dorsetcustomfurniture.com

i look forward to working with you.

K. E. LeFevre said...

This post is from three years ago! I just saw it! Are you still making these? I love it!!!! ❤️

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hello k.e. ... yes we are still making these! please contact me via email and i will send you pricing and more details .. thanks for your interest in our work .. hope to hear from you soon .. dan