Thursday, March 20, 2014

more new projects

 following up on some stuff from the previous post, and getting some other new projects underway.  happy to clear the decks a bit and make room for some new stuff.  we hung the big mirror yesterday, all 13' 5" of it.  it was interesting as the building is old, the floor and ceiling or both out of level and when we hung it up level, it was just so obviously wrong that we had to move it around until it looked right with everything else that is going on there.  as it hangs now, the right end is about 7/8ths higher than the left end but it totally looks 'right' given the other stuff that is going on .. haven''t had to do that for a while.  click the pictures to enlarge them ...
 and the cherry bookcase clients will be in town this weekend ... that piece will be 
 and the dart cabinet is happening now ... it can be fun working with crooked old barn boards.
 you certainly can't be fussy, and you definitely have to go with the flow.
 and it's been a good excuse to have a dartboard next to the chop saw for a while.
recipe for a railng .. cut a bunch of steel up into very specific lengths, and weld it all together,  
then take it to the client's house and bolt it to the posts you put there last week ..
 looks easy when it's done ...  
and sam's got a couple other table bases in the works.  the one above will have a danby marble top.  that's 1" rebar .. polished .. it's a nice look and the rebar is becoming popular with our customers .. 
 and another nakashima style base 
he's just making the base.  the client is making his own top.
and there's a new claro walnut table happening too ...  4' x 8' x 2.75" thick, with a 
beefed up steel base to go with the beefier slab.  it's gonna look good.  we've done
heavier base before in 1.75" steel, but this looks fine in our regular 1.5" steel.
the price of steel has increased so much lately that it's hard to justify working in the thicker stuff.
 the slab had a few surface, non structural, cracks that we filled with our usual advantech tintable epoxy.
chris finished the chest of drawers for the shaker piece .. we may install that tomorrow.
and trevor's underway on a new 60" round walnut table with a 22" crotch walnut inlay in the center of it.
more on that as we progress ... all for now ... dan
update: i'll do a complete blogpost when we're finished


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Steven Cain said...

Beautiful work Dan... as always. And lot's of it. I'm envious, as my shop is crammed with boring old kitchen cabinets at present.