Sunday, March 30, 2014

more on the dart cabinet

pretty fun project here ...
my designer client, nina, had an idea for a cabinet to go in the room with 
we started with a chalk sketch on two of the 'best' ( a relative term) of six red
barnboards that had been salvaged from the client's property, and designated them
to be the doors for the cabinet.  click the photos to enlarge them.
we then added some structural poplar pieces that we later covered with barnboards, but these pieces actually hold the cabinet sides together and provide the structure to secure the cabinet to the wall.
working with the barn boards 'as they are' is always a challenge when you are totally accustomed to
lumber that is straight and flat and has integrity.  
one must 'go with the flow', and cast all aspirations to 'perfection' aside.
we added some chalkboards and dart holders
the red 'box' below the shelf is held in place with rare earth magnets, and is removable to access a space that will hold the cable box for a nearby, wall mounted tv.  the red leather tab was chris's brainstorm.
and later this week, christina young, the decorative painter on site will add the lettering i 
photoshopped on in the photo above to the top of the cabinet.
last thing we did was add a coat of linseed oil, which made the red pop, 
and gave the cabinet a fantastic warmth.

we hung it up friday, but forgot to take pictures !  
we'll be back there later this week and we'll take some then ..

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