Saturday, June 14, 2014

a cabinet mockup

ok .. the cabinet is done and in new york now,
awaiting the application of the antique papers.
i'm going to update this whole post eventually with more construction detail.
this was a deceivingly complex piece and we're happy to have it on its
way to its new home.

the original part of the post below i wrote back in april
as a 'information' post for the client.  there is more to this piece than 
meets the eye and we wanted to work out the proportions and
construction details before working on the real thing.
a full size 'model', if you will.
 shows a 3/4 view .. for bigger versions of these pictures, click them to enlarge them ..
overall dimensions of this mockup 58 high x 30.5 wide x 16.5" deep
 from the side a little more
 with the elbow catch
 interior .. drawer faces and shelves mahogany .. painted back?
 the top of the cabinet is below typical eye level.  it is also the only surface on the outside of the cabinet not to have the applied paper and frame detail
 showing the side hung runners for the file drawers.  we can use full extension runners on all the drawers if you like .. otherwide, the smaller drawers will run on wood and pull out only about 3/4 of the total depth
 side view with sample leg
close up
 designer pdfs

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