Thursday, June 12, 2014

a curly maple pedestal table

we just finished a nice curly maple pedestal table.  
it's heading to Connecticut next week.
it's based on a design we've done a number of times now, usually before in walnut.
we started with nice wood from our favorite supplier, irion lumber.
myron sent us a matched set of boards, all from the same log.
before the angled apron and the finish. this is the first time
for the angled apron, which we feel gives the top a lighter look.
the base support pieces are mitered and dominoed and then glued up a pair at a time.
then the halves are glued together.  they are secured to the base by timberlock screws that engage
the cross grain 3/4" dowels inserted in the pieces before they are glued together.  we usually add a little glue between the horizontals and the verticals, but  it's mostly the timberlocks the give the base its rigidity.
we now include two dowels in each base section.  this blog post contains the most information
on the construction and assembly of this type of table.
here's a smallish oval version from last december.  
that one went to an isalnd in the carribbean.
 and here's the original from 2010 with a
link to the original table design and blog post from august 2010


Keara Littner said...

That little table looks fantastic! I would love to have something like that in my home. How much does it usually cost to have something like that made?
Keara Littner |

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hi keara,

please contact me by email at
and we can discuss this. glad you like it. it's one of our more popular new designs .. i look forward to hearing from you