Wednesday, June 11, 2014

lots of stuff from the metal shop

sam's been quite busy in the metal shop lately ..
 tomorrow he'll finish up this custom steel table base with 1" solid rolled arcs on the corners.
 we'll be getting the reclaimed chestnut 'any day now', so we can start on the actual top, which will be similar to the top on the 'basque style' chestnut table we made back in january
the steel will have a blackened patina and a matte sheen clear finish
 next up, a dough bowl sink.  the clients came to us with this antique dough bowl which is a totally handmade, irregular, antique object.  i made a wood mockup and fitted the 'sink' to it. sam then crafted the actual metal base by matching the steel angles and lengths to the wood mockup.
 weld up the ends and connect the dots ..
it's all blackened now and sam will deliver it to londonderry tomorrow.
 and here's a custom coffee table base for a friend who will make his own top and lower shelf.
sam will finalize the finish color with the clients tomorrow
and some 'vermonter' beltbuckles.  i saw #238 on one of them.  in the foreground is a hammer sam forged in a class with his friend pat quinn at the adiurondack crafts school a couple weekends ago.  pat just received his masters in black smithing from southern illionois university in carbondale and his work is featured in the latest issue of the anvil's ring, the quarterly magazine of ABANA.

and another in our series of claro wlanut slab coffee table bases
 fooling with a snow roller wheel for a designer client ..
we're going to try to hang it and light it
and lastly, some 'adjusted' new grill work for the wood fired grill at a local restaurant.

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Elisa Jed said...

I like those outward bent legs of the table. Are they just as stable as regularly straight legs? They give it more of a whimsical feel to the tablet that I enjoy.

Elisa Jed |