Friday, January 16, 2015

a round walnut table with leaves

i delivered a table to south boston earlier this week ... great neighborhood,  lots of old 5 story brownstones with original details .. the front doors were just fantastic .. the houses are narrow, 19', and the counter on the right in the room above is part of the kitchen, so the room we're looking at in this picture is only about 9 or 10' wide, including the fireplace .. so, it's tight.
click the photos to enlarge them ..

the request was for a smallish table (42" diameter) that would live in the round bay window
 most of the time, and then open up (to 10') for friends and family gatherings.  it is based on this slightly fancier version we made back in 2008.
this one is mahogany with burl and ebony accents.  and a little smaller at 39" in diameter.
it opened up almost as far though, and was in a philadelphia brownstone on pine street, 
that was of more or less the same era.

here's the new one, opened up to its full length in the sunny, and inviting space.  there are normally  two chairs in front of the fireplace and tv, that can be easily moved out for large gatherings...
super elegant neighborhood now, but my client tells me that a lot of it was boarded up when he moved in about 30 years ago .. never know it now .. interestingly, across the street, all the houses have angled bays, while on this side they are rounded.
 sunny neighborhood!
we started with some fine irion lumber walnut
 the boards for the main top we're about 18" wide, and trevor flattened them on the cnc
then he cut the plywood base pieces with the round space for the center leg, and veneered them 
with 1/16th" walnut.  as usual, the extension runners are from our friends at moin hardware ... 
we had to order a set of custom slides, which was no problem at all for moin.  you need to have an odd number of segments in order to have a center leg.  in this case we had 9 segment runners this case, because of the wide opening capacity, (106"), we may be making another 15" leaf to make 
the extended table as long as possible.
here it is, before finishing and hardware
fun project !
at the same time, trevor is also wrappping up this 66" round table with three leaves.  similar to one we made earlier this year .. that one will be ready to roll next week .. more photos of that one when it's completed.
you all have a lovely weekend .. 

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