Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year ... again ...

new year's day .. a time of reflection and optimism .. today's sunset above augurs well for 2015.  red sky at night; sailor's delight .... isn't that the saying?  2014 was an interesting and challenging year .. a little above average, actually.  some jobs just flowed; some jobs were like pulling teeth .. some had easy deadlines, and some, like the last three weeks of them, were rapid fire, one after another rush, rush, rush.  it's also possible that in reality, my management skills may be fading as i enter my 36th year of this grand production.  all's well that ends well though, and it's onward to 2015.  while i've been working on this slide show of the highlights of 2014 for a couple of weeks, i just finished it today, in time for the new year.
here's the link to it 
click an image there and arrow through it.. while you are there,
you can also access more albums from other years, like the ones below
live edge tables
furniture from reclaimed lumber
sam's metal work
a hundred or more dining tables
digitized sketchbooks
stuff you can do with a cnc router
happy new year to you all, and all the best for 2015.

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